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Linux on Asus M2400N laptops

Monday, December 15th, 2003

I bought an Asus M2400N laptop when my old Asus L8400C died a horrible death.

Werner Heuser, the creator of, also runs where he sells laptops with Linux preinstalled. Needing a replacement machine in a hurry I ordered an Asus M2400 with Debian pre-installed, and I had it delivered ready to use in a couple of weeks.

It came installed with Debian 3.0 and Linux 2.4.22, heavily patched.

I won’t repeat all the detailed information about the laptop here, since it is all found at tuxmobil.

A standard kernel won’t boot on the machine unless ACPI is disabled. The laptop requires a set of special ACPI for Asus patches to boot with ACPI enabled.

The special keys on the keyboard and for playing CDs can be used with the Asus ACPI patches. The two extra leds on the front are also controllable.

The sound works with Alsa.

The modem is unusable. Its a win-modem with no known driver. I have used a PCMCIA modem on the few occasion where I had no other options.

The integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 mini-pci card had no open source driver, but I could use an ndis-wrapper from

The rest just works (especially if somebody as experienced as Werner Heuser installed and configured it :-).