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Nokia N800 on kayak journey

Friday, October 26th, 2007

I’m on a three month kayak journey around the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Our only computers on this trip are two N800 tablets which we use daily for email, checking weather forecasts and for blogging. They keep us connected and updated wherever we go.

Our blog is at

We’re bringing two N800 tablets and several accessories. I have my own N800 which I got through the N800 device program. My paddling partner, canadian schoolteacher Wendy Killoran, has received a sponsored N800 from Nokia Nseries, which has also supplied us with a foldable keyboard, a gps receiver and a car charger.

We’re currently at the NW tip of Sardinia, having done just over half of the circumnavigation of Sardinia.

So far we haven’t found many usable wifi hotspots, but we have a good deal on EDGE traffic via Telecom Italia Mobile. We use my old worn Nokia 6131 to connect.

The only downside so far is that I have fried the charging circuits on my tablet by connecting it wrongly to a solar panel. It now says its charging but it doesn’t charge the battery at all. We charge batteries in Wendy’s tablet and swap them when mine is depleted.

It is quite fascinating trying out the ‘internet anywhere’ for real. Here’s Wendy writing an Icelandic friend while sitting on an iron-age nuraghe in northern Sardinia 😉
Nuraghe blogging

Nokia N800 firmware upgrade 3.2007.10-7

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Nokia released a new firmware for the N800 tablets, and I flashed mine yesterday. It was by far the easiest upgrade ever.

I took a backup first and stored it on the internal flash card, and flashed the unit as per the instructions. One of the first questions asked was if I wanted a backup restored and I picked the backup made just before the flash.

The backup restored my gconf settings, and all the application repositories I had added, so while the non-standard applications weren’t restored automatically, all it took was to go to the Application Manager and install the ones I wanted. Applications that use gconf for user preferences had their preferences set already so I had to do nothing. For example, the FM radio applet had all the same stations as before the upgrade.