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Logitech Cordless Click! Plus mouse

Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Logitech Cordless Click! Plus mouse

My “Logitech Cordless Desktop LX700” set came with a “Logitech Cordless Click! Plus” mouse. Its a fancy wireless thing with loads of buttons.

It has the normal left, middle (pressing the wheel) and right buttons.

The wheel acts as buttons 4 and 5 and the two buttons on the thumb side are buttons 6 and 7.

The mouse wheel can also be tiltet left and right by making a sideways motion on the wheel without pressing it down, and there is a separate botton on the top of the mouse, but these buttons don’t appear to send anything to X. Testing with xev gives absolutely nothing.

XFree86 configuration fragments are below the fold. (more…)